Daniel Stilwell

Daniel Stilwell

Total Donations
$50.00 Collected
Goal $100.00
My Donors
Daniel Stilwell $25
George Stilwell $25

Thanks for visiting my Penguin Swim homepage.  Basically we are planning on jumping into the Atlantic Ocean on New Years Day to raise money for a local Hospital.   Our team has all donated the minimum of $25, but we would love to double this to raise $50 per Penguin.

I plan on going head first into the ocean which is currently about 32 degrees F or 0 degrees Celsius.  My plan is to then run out like a scream girl and dive into a pile of blankets and take a few shots of whiskey.

Our team welcomes further challenges, and participates so please contact us about helping us support the cause.  If you want to donate but done feel like paying online, then we are happy to spot you the money and collect cash at a later date.

The Penguin Swim supports Atlantic General Hospital in their efforts to provide the utmost in quality health care for residents and visitors to the Eastern Shore.

The AGH Penguin Swim helps the hospital support a wide variety of programs and services. Last year, the hospital provided community benefits worth over $12 million. These benefits included health screenings, community education, immunizations, seminars and meetings, support groups and financial assistance.

You can be sure that your donation will be used where it is needed most to help the hospital accomplish its mission: To create a coordinated care delivery system that will provide access to quality care, personalized service and education to improve individual and community health.

Please make a donation to support my participation in the Penguin Swim and help support our non-profit community hospital. Be sure to check my personal page frequently to see my progress, and thank you for your support!