OC Ravens Roost #44

Total Donations
$9,372.50 Collected
Goal $8,000.00

OC RAVENS ROOST #44  is a local Baltimore Ravens Football Team Fan Club in Ocean City, Md..  We meet on the second Thursday of each month.  In addition to cheering on the Baltimore Ravens, Roost #44 offers many other social activities for its members including several fundraising activities throughout the year.  Money raised from these particular functions go to various local charities.  Our two biggest fundraising efforts include annual scholarship donations to six graduating students from three different local High Schools, and the AGH Penguin Swim.

To date, the OCRR44 Penguin Swim Team has raised more than $131,100 in support of Atlantic General Hospital's efforts to provide the utmost in quality health care for residents and visitors to the Eastern Shore.  We would love to have you join our team and/or make a donation to one of our team members. We are determined to raise as much as possible and you can help!

We normally hold several fundraising events throughout the year in addition to the personal donations collected from friends and neighbors.  This year, due to the Covid-19 concerns and restrictions, those events have been greatly restricted making our personal requests for donations much more important. Any help you can give is greatly appreciated!!

The AGH Penguin Swim helps the hospital support a wide variety of programs and services. Last year, the hospital provided community benefits worth over $12 million. These benefits included health screenings, community education, immunizations, seminars and meetings, support groups and financial assistance.
You can be sure that your donation will be used where it is needed most to help the hospital accomplish its mission: To create a coordinated care delivery system that will provide access to quality care, personalized service and education to improve individual and community health.

Team Donors
Gary Miller $25
Maggie Miller $25
Robert Carpenter $25
Sandra Cohn $25
Joanne Faber $35
Dennis Faber $35
Joanne Breslin $50
Jamie & Jeff Kormann $100
Robert Danchik $50
Robert Danchik $50
Edwin Schillo $50
Gary's Art Show at Burley Oak $30
tom maly $25
David and Marilyn Carp $100
Ravens Roost $1487.5
Raffle Tickets $60
John MacColl $100
Marc Grimes $50
Donald McMullen $50
James McKendrick $25
Lewis Welsch $50
Charlotte Cathell $100
Erik Skon $25
Russ and Anita Roberts $50
Kathleen Gonze $100
Thomas Atkins $100
Cory Anastasi $25
Peggy Atkins $25
Rich Witte $50
Ronald Ferger $50
Sarah Nesbitt $50
Mary Page $50
Rose Lambert $50
Bill and Lilly Cordwell $50
Bill and Lilly Cordwell $50
Lew Furman $25
Scott Rodgville $30
IPA Delmarva Region 58 $100
The Shrimp Boat $1000
OC Elks $1000
Alan Stein $25
Tom Elliott $50
Cynthia Brought $25
Waye Flickinger $25
Kenneth Smedley $100
Darlene Murphy $25
Laura Shuman $25
Tammy Scrivener $50
Ronald Skon $100
Patti & Neal Lookner $25
Marc & Patti Grimes $50
Marc & Patti Grimes $50
Marc & Patti Grimes $50
Trish and Paul Neal $50
Bob and Carol Munroe $50
Richard Hansen $50
Chuck and Michele Sardelis $100
Burley Oak Guest Bartender Night $285
Raffle Tickets $190
Nicki Swan $25
Igor Gawryluk $50
Thomas Maly $100
Walter Henss $100
Trish McFadden $50
Bob Rose $25
Marie Rose $25
Duane Geruschat $50
Cheryl Jacobs $100
Herb Roe $50
George & Tracey Economas $100
Ken Taras $100
Greg Carpenter $50
Julia Lonoconus $100
Julia Lonoconus $100
Marc & Patti Grimes $50
Mary Martinez $50
Patricia Mulcahy $25
OC Ravens Roost #44 $630
Lew Furman $100
Joseph Wilkinson $50
Cookie Shoffner $25
Patrick Hom $50
Kathy Magee $50
Mike Grimes $25
Mike Grimes $25
Rick and Lisa MacEwan $50
Rick and Lisa MacEwan $50
MaryJo Lee $100
Martin Baer $25
Martin Baer $25
Gary Miller $100
Robert Danchik $50
James Maratea $40
James McKendrick $75
FOP Bethany Beach #16 $50